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Winter Rules of Golf Educations - Oklahoma Golf Association

Winter Rules of Golf Educations

The Oklahoma Golf Association will be providing several educational opportunities on the USGA Rules of Golf during the winter months:

OGA Rules of Golf Seminar

This education will cover many of the common Rules issues that you will encounter on the golf course. The morning session will include many real world videos and the afternoon will be broken into on-course sessions conducted inside. The entire program will be interactive so bring your questions.

Date: Saturday, February 24th

Location: Lincoln Park GC Ballroom

Time: 10 AM – 3 PM (Lunch Served from 12 – 12:45 PM)

Cost: $30 (Includes Lunch and Rules of Golf Book)

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Online Rules Education

We are partnering with our friends at the Central Golf Links and the USGA to provide weekly sessions covering the Rules of Golf in its entirety. The sessions will conducted through Zoom and last a maximum of 90 minutes per session. The sessions are interactive so feel free to bring your questions. The following is the schedule or you can download the .pdf with the links (click here).

January 9 – 9:00am CST
Topic: Rules 1-4
Instructor: Ben Schade
Zoom Link (Jan 9)
Passcode: 001977

January 16 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 5-6
Instructor: Phil Miller
Zoom Link (Jan 16)
Passcode: 254432

January 23 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 7-8
Instructor: Craig Winter
Zoom Link (Jan 23)
Passcode: 552549

January 30 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 9-11
Instructor: Todd Stice
Zoom Link (Jan 30)
Passcode: 259764

February 6 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 12-13
Instructor: Bryan Lewis
Zoom Link (Feb 6)
Passcode: 083904

February 13 – 1:00pm CST
Topic: Rule 14
Instructor: Ryan Farb
Zoom Link (Feb 13)
Passcode: 161271

February 20 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 15-16
Instructor: Tom DeCoster
Zoom Link (Feb 20)
Passcode: 161271

February 27 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 17-19
Instructor: Doug Habel
Zoom Link (Feb 27)
Passcode: 398388

March 5 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rule 20
Instructor: Bob Phelps
Zoom Link (Mar 5)
Passcode: 132539

March 12 – 10:00am CST
Topic: Rules 21-25
Instructor: Kevin Stanton
Zoom Link (Mar 12)
Passcode: 034693