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Scholarship Information & Application Form - Oklahoma Golf Association

Scholarship Information & Application Form

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Started on January 1, 2015, the Oklahoma Golf Association Foundation (OGAF) began a program of awarding scholarships to deserving girls and boys subject to the requirements which are set out below. The seven scholarships to be awarded annually are the following:

Morri Rose Scholarship
Bill Barrett Memorial Scholarship

Roy Oxford Memorial Scholarship

Corky Billen Memorial Scholarship

Gene Mortensen Memorial Scholarship

Golf Inc. Scholarships (Two Per Year)

Each scholarship is worth $5,000. The OGAF Scholarship Program will be under the exclusive authority and direction of the OGAF Board of Directors and its decision is final, in all respects. A Committee has been established to (1) develop procedures for applications and applicant reviews, (2) process scholarship applications and conduct interviews, and (3) make grant decisions subject to the review of the Board of Directors.

Funds for each scholarship will be paid into an account established at the college of choice and available for withdrawal by the successful recipient.

Criteria for Granting Scholarships

The OGAF will award Scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • Character
  • Academic Achievement
  • Leadership
  • Financial Need
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Participation in Junior Golf
  • Interview
  • Extracurricular Activities

Who is Eligible

In order to be considered for a OGAF Scholarship, each female and male applicant must comply with the following:

  • The Applicant must be a high school senior who is in good standing in an Oklahoma high school and who has or will enroll as a full time student for the coming fall semester at a fully accredited college or university. The Applicant must have completed the last two (2) years of High School (Grades 11 – 12) in Oklahoma.
  • The Applicant must have been a member of the Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour OR a regular member of a First Tee Program in Oklahoma. Participation, and not necessarily playing ability, is the prerequisite. In respect to the OGAF Scholarships, membership in the OJGT or First Tee may be waived if the applicant’s parent or legal guardian is (i) a current member of the PGA South Central Section and is employed by a golf facility in Oklahoma, or (ii) a Golf Course Superintendent at a club in Oklahoma.
  • As an addition criteria for Golf Inc Scholarships, an applicant must have a geographic school district within 30 miles of City Hall for Oklahoma City or in the case of a private or home school student, have a home address within 30 miles of City Hall for Oklahoma City.

The Scholarships are one-year grants. A recipient of a scholarship is not eligible to apply for a scholarship in a following year. A Scholarship is only available to those who are pursuing a first bachelor degree or the equivalent. Those who are not eligible include children of current and past employees/directors of the OGA and OGAF and relatives of any person who has made a substantial donation to the OGAF within the year in which the application is filed.


Each female and male applicant is required to submit an application in substantially the form which is attached to this Policy Statement. Financial need and academic progress are considered during the interview process.

Attachments to each Application must include:

  1. High school transcript including SAT and ACT test scores.
  2. Two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher or administrator at the applicant’s high school and one from a person who knows the applicant as the result of the applicant’s involvement in the game of golf.
  3. School picture which may be used in media publications.

Timetable to Receive/Review Applications

In order to carry out the Scholarship Program in a timely manner for the benefit of the recipients, this schedule will remain in effect:

  1. Applications must be received at the office of the OGAF on or before March 15 in the year for which the request is
    being made.
  2. Committee review of the applications and interviews will take place during the ensuing sixty (60) days.
  3. Selections by the Committee will be reviewed by the Board at its regular meeting in May.
  4. Announcement of the names of all successful recipients will be made on June 1.

Application Form

Note: Must Have Google Account to Submit Online

Applications can be email to or be mailed to Oklahoma Golf Association Foundation, 2800 Coltrane Pl., Suite 2, Edmond, OK 73034.