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OJGT Weather Policy - Oklahoma Golf Association

OJGT Weather Policy

Weather is always a factor in Oklahoma during golf tournaments. The OJGT always makes every effort to complete each event in its entirety. However, weather sometimes dictates changes in format. Safety is always the top concern when weather threatens,  course playability is secondary, followed by available daylight after the weather condition subsides. These are the main factors in their priority.

EVACUATIONS: When course evacuations are necessary, we will always try to give groups ample time to clear the course without delay. When a round is stopped because of dangerous weather, the players are to mark their ball and proceed immediately to a place of shelter. In these cases the player is NEVER TO PLAY ANOTHER STROKE even if it means completing a hole.

DECISIONS TO RESUME PLAY: When weather conditions improve play will be resumed after agreement between the Committee, the host professional, and/or the greens superintendent. The three factors; safety, playability, and daylight, will determine the resumption of play.

WEATHER-SHORTENED EVENTS: When an event must be shortened due to weather circumstances, the following policy will be instituted:

1. Any event is considered official if it is eighteen holes or more. All awards, points, and score reporting will be made on any completed event. The ranking of an event by NJGS or AJGA depends upon their standards after we report to them. 36-hole events may be 36, 27, or 18-hole depending on weather/daylight circumstances.

2. A round will be considered complete determined by the last nine holes completed in the round by all players in a gender group.

3. Note: Sometimes when the first round of an event is partial, the players will be asked to come to the course early the next morning and complete it prior to the start of the second round. This also depends on host course policies and needs.

4. If an event is weather/darkness shortened, no partial refunds can be made.