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OJGT Spectator Policies - Oklahoma Golf Association

OJGT Spectator Policies

While we always encourage spectators at all OJGT events, we ask that they adhere to the guidelines listed below so that our events are maintained at the highest standards:

1. Advice (rule 8) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his/her play, choice of club, or method of making a stroke. In addition, any conversation between a player/spectator which might be construed as advice is prohibited. This includes any conversation between player/spectator in another native language other than English. Keeping this in mind, please keep all conversations with players to words of encouragement and refrain from advice. As a rule of thumb, do not talk with a player on the course while playing.

2. Spectators attend OJGT events at their own risk.

3. If you rent a spectator cart, please keep it on the cart paths. Players are not allowed to accept motorized transportation unless it has been cleared in advance by the OJGT staff or event rules committee. NOTE: When emergency course evacuations become necessary, players are encouraged to ride in as quickly as possible. We will need spectator carts to help us with this please.

4. When possible, we ask that spectators follow one shot ahead of the group they are watching. This helps provide players with aid in watching errant shots.

5. Spectators may help look for lost balls at any time. But should not offer advice to players while doing so.

6. Official scoring is the sole responsibility of each player of a group. While spectators are welcome to keep a scorecard, the official scoring is done by the players themselves. Please refrain from discussing scores or comparing cards with players until after the round, and they leave the scoring area.

7. Spectators are always allowed to carry medicine, food, drinks, umbrellas, jackets, etc. for players. Golf courses may have policies against personal ice chests. If that is the case we must abide by their policies.

8. Spectators should never be involved in rulings during the round.

9. Players are responsible for the actions of spectators who come to watch them play. If spectators breach the codes of conduct, the player may face penalty or disqualification.

10. Spectators are a very important part of our events. The staff of the OJGT appreciates the family atmosphere spectators bring as they support our young stars!!!