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OJGT Players Policies - Oklahoma Golf Association

OJGT Players Policies

In order to provide a well-respected tour the OJGT must maintain high standards for play and behavior from its participants. Some of those general expectations are listed below.

1. Play at all OJGT events will be conducted in accordance with USGA rules and the OGA hard card. Only in special cases where weather, course conditions, or other needs make it necessary, will local rules supersede with Committee approval.

2. Players are expected to study and have a basic working knowledge of the USGA rules of golf before they participate in OJGT events.

3. All players must wear a collared shirt while participating. No cargo pants or shorts are allowed, and denim jeans may not be worn during play if the host club does not allow such. If a player wants to wear headgear that person must wear it appropriately, and never turned around backward. For girls, all shorts and skirts must be of an appropriate length.

4. Players are expected to shake hands at the end of play with all group members before leaving the final green. Boys should always remove their caps when showing their appreciation to the group.

5. Club throwing or slamming are never allowed. Clubs should be returned to the bag after a shot in a humane manner.

6. The use of profanity as determined by Committee members is not permitted. Loud frustration, outbursts, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

7. Players may never accept motorized transportation without permission from the event rules officials. Pull carts are permissible.

8. Caddies are not allowed at OJGT events.

9. Players are always expected to repair ball marks on greens, and “kick-in” fairway divots.

10. Each player is charged with the responsibility of protecting the field while on the course and at the scoring area. Players should make sure that everyone in the group competes within the rules, conducts themselves in accordance with policies, and scores accurately at all times during OJGT events. Everyone must have the courage to bring violations to the attention of other players prior to leaving the scoring area after every round. When a rules violation occurs it should be brought up as it happens. Players should not wait until a fellow competitor starts the next hole to bring up violations.

11. The use of yardage devices is permitted in OJGT events. But the device may only give yardage and not slope/grade.

12. Players should always make an effort to go to the host pro at sometime during the tournament and thank that person for hosting our event.

13. We are a family at the OJGT. Our tour has the utmost respect from Oklahoma’s golfing public. How each player behaves at an event is the way the public sees us all. Everyone has an individual responsibility to showcase ours as the best tour in our region with the best young men and women. OJGT is the best!

Players who exhibit inappropriate behavior while representing the OJGT may be removed from the field at any time that the Committee feels it is necessary. These situations will be considered a “removal from the field by Committee” and not a disqualification by rule. Removal from the field may be cause for a player to lose future playing opportunities in OJGT events.