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OJGT Pace of Play Policy - Oklahoma Golf Association

OJGT Pace of Play Policy

As in all events held under USGA rules, pace of play is of great importance. In OJGT events we will adhere to the pace of play policy of the Oklahoma Golf Association, which states:

SUMMARY: Rule 5.6 provides that each player must play without undue delay in accordance with any Pace of Play Guidelines that the Committee may establish. The rule contemplates penalties for slow play. See note 2, which is in effect. When a group takes more than the allotted time to play nine holes, or eighteen holes, all players in the group will incur penalty strokes.

ALLOTTED TIME: Play is assigned groups with each group allotted two hours and fifteen minutes to complete nine holes; and four hours and thirty minutes to complete eighteen holes.

POSITION ON THE COURSE: Each group must remain in the same position, behind the group, as it started. Should a group fall behind, for any reason, it is expected to regain its position. Time spent searching for lost balls and rulings is included in the allotted time. A group is out of position if it: (A) completes play of nine holes in longer than 2:15 and is more than 14 minutes behind the preceding group; or, (B) completes play of eighteen holes in longer than 4:30 and is more than 14 minutes behind the preceding group.

PENALTIES: When a group is out of position upon the completion of its first nine holes, each player in the group will incur a penalty of one stroke. When a group is out of position after completion of its second nine holes, each player will incur a penalty of one stroke for a first breach, or a penalty of two strokes for a second breach of these guidelines. Penalty strokes are assessed at the ninth and eighteenth holes accordingly.

MONITORING OF PACE: The monitoring of pace is the sole responsibility of officials on the course. A player who is concerned about a non-responsive player in his/her group should request an official to monitor the group in case penalties are incurred and appealed. No warnings, in addition to this guideline, will be issued as a prerequisite to the imposition of a described penalty.

APPEALS: Prior to returning his/her scorecard, any player who has incurred a penalty under these guidelines may file an appeal with the Committee. An appeal will only be considered if the delay was caused by; (1) the Committee, (2) circumstances beyond the player’s control, (3) another player in his/her group. The decision made by the Committee will be final.

The bottom line is simply this…As long as you play each nine in 2:15 minutes or less and/or keep pace with the group in front of your group you will never be penalized. If there is a slow player in the group, don’t be afraid to address it to him/her during play. Each player has an obligation to the rest of the field to play at a proper pace.