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OGA Tournament Policies - Oklahoma Golf Association

OGA Tournament Policies

Eligibility Requirements

Limited to Amateurs only (unless otherwise specified). All participants must be a current member of the Oklahoma Golf Association (OGA). All golfers who have a current active USGA Handicap Index® through GHIN at an Oklahoma Golf Facility are automatically OGA members. All participants must be an Oklahoma resident or a full-time student of an Oklahoma college or university.

Tournament Entry Procedures

Tournament entries will be accepted beginning January 1st. Entries close at 9:00am one week prior to the tournament. Only online entry forms with paid entry will be accepted. All entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Late entries will only be accepted if an open spot is available.

Conditions of Play

The OGA reserves the right to decline any entry. Participants shall be subject to the rules and conditions of play set forth by the OGA. Any violation of OGA tournament policies could result in future suspensions. If an entry is rejected, the applicant will be notified and offered the opportunity to submit a written response for reconsideration to the Tournament Committee. The OGA will not make any provisions for a player asking for special consideration due to other commitments.

Withdrawals and Tournament Refund Policy

Players wishing to withdraw for any reason must notify the OGA office (405-848-0042) prior to the tournament. Players who withdraw prior to the deadline will receive a refund. All refunds will incur a $25 administration fee. Players who withdraws after the deadline will not receive a refund unless a player is available from the wait list to take the spot. Players can also transfer to another event that has open spots in the same calendar year up to five (5) days before the tournament. Players needing to withdraw on the day of the tournament must contact the host facility as soon as possible. Players who fail to follow this procedure will be considered a NO SHOW and may be subject to suspension.

Tournament Conduct Policy

Each player and caddie in a competition must adhere to commonly accepted standards of golfing etiquette and sportsmanship. To ensure proper standards of behavior during a competition, Player and Caddie must comply with the OGA Code of Conduct Policy outlined on the OGA Hard. may incur a penalty in accordance with the penalty structure displayed above. Blatant disregard or repeated violations of this policy may result in immediate disqualification and suspension of future tournament eligibility.

Tournament Dress Code

Players and caddies are required to wear commonly accepted golf attire during play and while using all other host facility premises. Additionally, all conduct and dress code policies for the host facility will be enforced. It is the players responsibility to be aware of the dress code. The Committee reserves the right to determine appropriate attire for specific events.


In the interest of golf course maintenance and in an attempt to provide excellent playing conditions, the use of metal spikes in OGA competitions is prohibited.

Push/Pull Carts

The OGA abides by club policy regarding push/pull carts and other forms of manual or motorized transport. The OGA will try to notify players of club policy prior to the championship but it is ultimately the player’s responsibility to comply.

No Shows or Withdrawal During Play

Players who fail to appear at their assigned starting time without notifying the OGA or the host course will be listed as a NO SHOW and may result in suspension. Any player withdrawing during play without notifying an OGA official and personally surrendering his or her scorecard to an official will be listed as a NO CARD and may result in suspension. Suspensions may last for up to one year and will include the following year’s event in which the infraction occurred.


All players in stroke play events MUST submit a scorecard after each round. Failure to do so will result in a NO CARD designation and may result in disciplinary action or suspension.

Score Posting

The OGA will post all scores as a “C” score in all OGA stroke play events. Players are responsible for posting scores in match play rounds.


Caddies are permitted in all OGA Championships, except for the OGA Junior Championships. Caddies may ride in a cart assuming there is an open seat. Under no circumstances may a caddie ride on the back of a cart. If there is not an open seat, caddies will be required to walk.


Spectators are expected to comply with all regulations and policies of the OGA and host facility. Spectators are permitted to assist players by helping with ball searches, providing snacks and drinks, and other activities that do not interfere with the competition. Rental of spectator carts is at the discretion of the host facility and OGA staff. Spectator carts must always remain on cart paths.

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