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OGA Tournament Policies – Oklahoma Golf Association

OGA Tournament Policies

We are guests of the host facility. Please conduct yourself accordingly or you may be removed from the field.

The Tournament Director is the only person who may make changes to the pairings sheet, including starting times, after the pairings have been officially published on the OGA website. Every effort should be made to publish such information seven (7) days prior to the start of each event. Should it become necessary to re-schedule an event and issue a revised pairings sheet, that information should be published five (5) days prior to the start of the re-scheduled event. Should any staff member or volunteer be approached by a player wishing to make a change during that time frame, he will inform that player as to the need to directly contact the Tournament Director. In order to conclude all administrative details which are necessary for the efficient and orderly operation of each tournament, there will be no changes to the pairing sheet, including assigned starting times, during the three (3) day period prior to the start of each event. Changes should only be requested by contact with the office and during regular office hours. When a player is unable to attend an event because of the development of a conflict with his starting time, the refund policy will be employed.

Eligibility Requirements
Limited to Male Amateurs only (unless otherwise specified). All participants must be current members of the OGA. All golfers who have a current active USGA Handicap Index® through the Oklahoma Handicap Network using GHIN are members. Annual dues for golfers without a USGA Handicap Index® are $50.00. Major and Senior Championships also require all participants be Oklahoma residents or a full time student of an Oklahoma college or university.

Tournament Entry Procedures
Only online entry forms with Paid Entry will be accepted. Entrant must be a current paid-up member of the OGA.

Tournament Entry Policy
Acceptance to some tournaments will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria: Prior participation, past playing record and current year performance. Deadlines are published on the entry form.

Tournament Refund Policy
Any changes in a tournament entry, ie, moving to another tournament, or withdrawing, will result in a $25.00 charge. To withdraw from a tournament, and receive a refund, you must notify the OGA office FIVE days before the start of the tournament. 2476

Tournament Conduct Policy
A competitor may be disqualified from any OGA event, solely at the discretion of the Committee, for unbecoming conduct including club throwing, the use of profanity, or abusive language.

Tournament Dress Code
Competitors are required to wear appropriate golf attire, i.e. collared shirts with sleeves and bermuda length shorts. No denim. The dress code for the host shall prevail. It is the players responsibility to be aware of the dress code. The Committee reserves the right to determine appropriate attire for specific events. NO METAL SPIKES.