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OGA Individual Membership


The Oklahoma Golf Association is a not for profit organization that has roots going back to the early 1900’s for the purpose of promoting the game of golf within the state of Oklahoma. The OGA considers every golfer in the State of Oklahoma that maintains a current active USGA Handicap Index® on the Oklahoma Handicap Network, using GHIN, to be a member of the OGA. Annual dues for golfers that do not have a handicap index through GHIN are ($50.00). Golfer membership fees help to expand the various services that we offer to our member clubs and individuals. We thank you for supporting the OGA and golf in Oklahoma.

****This is not an OJGT Membership***

To participate in OGA amateur events, you must be an Oklahoma resident or a full time student attending an Oklahoma College/University.

The membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

Membership dues are included when you join a GHIN club.  This is offered to players who belong to a club that is not a GHIN club.

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Individual – $50.00
****This is not a payment for the OJGT Membership.  Click here to pay for the OJGT Membership.  If you are new, you need to register first at this link.****

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