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Hey USGA, most of us need more distance - Oklahoma Golf Association

Hey USGA, most of us need more distance


According to the recently released USGA and R&A Distance Insights Report (DIR) golfers (including you) hit the ball too far and future distance increases must be stopped by “rolling back” equipment performance.

The DIR effectively draws a line in the sand but did not say what would be changed nor indeed if anything at all would be done. However the implication is clear and quoting from the Report’s conclusion: “This report clearly shows a consistent increase in hitting distance and golf course lengths over the last 100-plus years. These increases have had a profound impact on costs to build, modify and operate golf courses and they have impacted golfers at all levels. We believe this problem will continue unless this cycle is brought to an end. With collaboration from the entire golf community, we have an opportunity to stem this tide and help ensure golf remains sustainable and enjoyable for generations to come.”

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