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Get Involved

Volunteers are essential part of the Oklahoma Golf Association.  These enthusiasts donate their time and experience to the Association for the love of golf and ensure the continued health of golf in Oklahoma.

There are two main ways to get involved in our Association as a volunteer:

Volunteers are essential to keeping OGA golf courses up-to-date within the USGA Course Rating System.

Functions of a course rating include measuring the length of the hole, gathering data by measuring the difficulty of the golf course (i.e. bunkers, penalty areas, OB, difficulty of greens), and reviewing/approving final rating outcomes. Raters may also get a opportunity to play the course to evaluate from a playing perspective.

All raters – new and experienced – are required to attend a rating seminar every four years.

The successful administration of OGA events is enhanced by the contributions of the volunteers, who serve as starters, scorers, forward observers/spotters, and many other important roles.

With increased tournament experience and USGA Rules training, these individuals progress to serves as Rules Officials at OGA Championships & USGA Qualifiers.

There is no minimum requirement the number of events you sign up to be a volunteer. Any time you can donate the success of our events is appreciated.


If you have any questions regarding these paths, please email Kevin Stanton or Jay Doudican