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Eligibility - Oklahoma Golf Association


General: Membership in the OJGT is open to any junior golfer between the ages of 12 and 18 years to participate in OJGT events.  Graduated seniors who are 19 years old may play OJGT events prior to August 1st of their graduation year only.  Players may be from any locale to join and play any event except for the OGA Junior Boys and Girls Championship. In that championship a player must be an Oklahoma resident to participate. Players are expected to enter on or before the deadline of any event to secure a spot in any field. The usual deadline is “noon” five days prior to the first round of an established event.

Younger Players: Players must be of age on the date of the first round of an event to enter.

Dues: All players must join and pay annual dues to the OGA/OJGT prior to becoming eligible to participate in any event each season.