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eGolfer Information


eGolfer is an online dashboard designed to assist golfers in organizing their golf network through the use of widgets.This dashboard is available to all golfers using the GHIN Service, regardless if they belong to a club that uses eClubhouse or not!

The myGame dashboard has several views with a selected primary focus on scores or scoring statistics.  Additionally, widgets will supplement the primary focus view with information relevant and personalized for the golfer. The golfer can also select an area of interest through the use of a Zip Code setting, which will then display news, events or weather applicable to the chosen area.

The eGolfer widgets include:

  • eClubhouse News that is populated from eClubhouse Web sites in the local area based on the Zip Code. If the golfer is a member of a club using eClubhouse, the club’s news will be displayed as well.  Additionally, this new widget will display content from golf associations; GHIN or the USGA®; and from eClubhouse club sites within the golfers selected area that have public information to publish.
  • Events/MyEvents is a widget that displays events from the golfer’s association; club and clubs within the golfers selected area that have open events.  Once a golfer signs up for an event, it becomes listed under MyEvents.
  • MyStats is a robust round tracking and graphing capability that allows golfers to post hole-by-hole metrics and see trends represented in selected graphs for specified periods of play.
  • My Club Photo Album shows photo albums from the golfer’s club eClubhouse site. (Will be available when the new eClubhouse is launched).
  • USGA Handicap Index® shows the golfer’s current Index with its effective date.
  • My Courses shows courses the golfer has played recently and allows selection, display and editing capabilities.
  • My Weather is a widget that shows current temperature as well as the Hi and Low temperatures for the golfer’s selected area. This widget also acts as a hyperlink to a pop-up Web page of more detailed weather content.
  • News Clippings is a golf RSS News feed of national stories of interest to golfers.
  • Search for other Players allows the golfer to search for other golfers to arrange a round of golf, based on their availability, ability and distance from the selected area or within eClubhouse. (Will be available when the new eClubhouse is launched).