Policies and Procedures:  OJGT Spring Series

Eligibility:  Primary entrants must be Oklahoma residents and OJGT members.  Out of state players may enter as alternates and will play for trophies only.  Events are open to any boy or girl ages 14-18. Players must be at least 14 and may not be 19 prior to the first tournament. High school graduates are not eligible.  

Format:  Open events will be scheduled for 36 holes of stroke play with the first 60 paid entrants to be in each field.  There will be two divisions, one each for 14-18 Boys and 14-18 girls.  Weather shortened events, will be dealt with as per OJGT policy.  Events will be ranked in accordance with Junior Golf Scoreboard policies.

Awards:  There will be awards for the top three finishers in each division.  Ties for first place will be settled through sudden death playoff.  Other ties will be settled as per OJGT policy. 

Points:  OJGT Spring Series points will be awarded to the top 10 Oklahoma resident division finishers in each event.  Points earned in the Spring series will go toward qualifying for the Oklahoma (East/West) Jr. Cup matches held over Memorial Day Weekend.  Points gained in the Spring Series will not be carried over to the Fall OJGT season.  Points will be issued as follows:

1st place……200 points
2nd place…...100 points
3rd place…….75 points
4th place…….50 points
5th place…….45 points
6th place…….40 points
7th place…….35 points
8th place…….30 points
9th place…….25 points
10th place…...20 points

*ties for any and all places will be “split” and rounded up when necessary

After each event, the proper points will be issued to appropriate Oklahoma finishers.  Then those who earn points will be separated between East and West.  We will use the same map as the Oklahoma Coaches Association has to determine All-State.  Then we will post current rankings for both geographic areas. 

Oklahoma Junior Cup Matches:  After the final open event, the top 12 point-producing boys, and the top 6 girls from both the East and West areas will be qualified to enter the Oklahoma Junior Cup Matches representing their respective areas.  This will make a total field of 36 players eligible.  When the teams are set, they will play a Ryder Cup format over Memorial Day weekend at Shawnee Country Club.  The Format is as follows:

Day One, Morning………Partnership Fourball Matches
Day One, Afternoon……..Partnership  Foursome Matches
Day Two, Morning………Singles Matches

*There will be non-playing team captains selected by the OJGT.