About us: Mission Statement

The Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour in cooperation with the Oklahoma Golf Association is a distinctive program designed to improve junior golf throughout the state, region and nation. It is our mission to develop outstanding young players through a high level of state events each season, and promote the players to coaches in a local, regional, and national database.

The OJGT believes it can provide quality championships at a low cost to its members with minimal travel. Further with the best competitions, the promotion of members to college coaches is possible.

The OJGT strives to enhance the lives of all members through its events, instruction, and promotion. Whether a member wants to play collegiate golf or not, we feel the OJGT will benefit all players in life through the game of golf. Self-discipline, sportsmanship, cooperation, character, and pride are but a few life skills we attempt to teach through competitive golf.

As the OJGT motto says we are "Creating Tomorrow's Champions Today." We believe that the OJGT is charged with the responsibility of creating champions in life as well as golf.